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#50 Bakom masken på Krisztián Kulcsár: World Champion, Olympic medalist, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Behind the mask of Krisztián Kulcsár: Born into high sport environment he has made use of his qualities – both as world class fencer and as a leader…

Bakom masken på Special: The President of the Italian Fencing Federation Maestro Giorgio Scarso

President Scarso knows how to transform passion and enthusiasm into commitment. Interviewer Henning Österberg. Interview in Spanish interpreted in Swedish with the help of Mrs Ana Valero Collantes.

#21 Bakom masken på Alessandro Noto: Marketing and social media strategist Federazione Italiana Scherma

Behind the mask of Alessandro Noto: ”Fencing must think across the Fence” Interview in english by Henning Österberg Bebe Vio on Youtube