#51 Bakom masken på Jason Rogers: Olympic Silver medalist Sabre.

Behind the mask of Jason Rogers: ”You can’t separate your identity as an athlete and your identity as a person. If you have stuff going on in your personal life you need to resolve it, because there is no wall in between those two arenas. Athletic confidence comes when you feel whole as a person.”



#50 Bakom masken på Krisztián Kulcsár: World Champion, Olympic medalist, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Behind the mask of Krisztián Kulcsár: Born into high sport environment he has made use of his qualities – both as world class fencer and as a leader and representative for the sport of fencing and for Hungary.

#46 Bakom masken på Dimitri Coutya: World Champion Wheelchair Fencing.

Behind the mask of Dimitri Coutya: World Champion going for Paralympic Gold in Tokyo 2020.

Interview in english. Interviewer Charlotte Levin.



Charlotte Levin

#42 Bakom masken på Björne Väggö: Olympisk silvermedaljör.

Bakom masken på Björne Väggö: Fäktande globetrotter som vet hur man förenar teori och praktik.

Se sista stöten från Björnes finalmatch i OS 1984 här: Philippe Boisse-Björne Väggö Kommer efter bronsmatchen mellan Philippe Riboud och Stefano Bellone. (Tänk på att lampor och stöträkning är omvända mot idag.)